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Our President and Advisory Board

JAN STOVER, Founder and President
JEAN ALEXANDER, Advisory Board Member
LORI LORANGER, Advisory Board Member
LAURETTE LYNN, Advisory Board Member
ANDREA RICE, Advisory Board Member
AIMEE STEEL, Advisory Board Member

JAN STOVER is the Founder and President of The Mothers Institute. Her experiences are an eclectic blend of parenting, publishing and politics.

During her years as a stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of two, Jan was also active in volunteer work which included Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sunday School, Bible School and Homeschooling Group Organization.

In addition to her volunteer work with children, Jan has also taught in a variety of day care and preschool settings.

Her previous experience as Co-Editor of The Fayette Times and Co-Founder/Editor of The Senior Review opened additional writing opportunities on a variety of topics and venues. Currently Jan is serving as Publisher and Editor of The Mothers for Liberty magazine.

Her political endeavors include volunteer and paid positions at both the state and local levels.

Jan resides in Illinois with her husband and both are natives of the state. Their grown children visit often.

JEAN ALEXANDER is a passionate homeschooling mother of three and promoter of independent thinking. Wanting to raise children who are responsible, self-sufficient, and involved in their community she mirrors those beliefs with action including moving to the Free State of New Hampshire. She has practiced and supports alternative education, birth choice, and holistic medical care including herbal, homeopathic and other “alternative” approaches. Jean volunteers with her son’s Boy Scout troop, is active in her homeschooling cooperative, and is the Secretary and a Director of the Free State Project.

LORI LORANGER is an advocate of self-education, initially homeschooling her 2 older daughters, now both in college, and currently facilitating the self education of her younger daughter and son. All four children were born at home. Together, Lori and her husband designed and built the home they share with their family.

Active in the community and a student of Taiji for 15 years, she has recently begun hosting a Non-Violent Communication practice group. Lori also serves on the board of a local Food Co-op, sharing the group’s dedicated to the opening of a Co-op grocery in the area. She also enjoys foraging for roots and berries and eating her local weeds.
Lori is a native of Washington State where she resides with her husband and children.

LAURETTE LYNN independently educates her three children and is a practicing Doula. As a mother and Doula, Laurette is a strong advocate of holistic health, natural living and active in vaccine safety and awareness. She co-owns a health and wellness internet based business with her husband.
With a love for writing and learning, Laurette serves as a contributing writer for The Mothers For Liberty magazine, and describes herself as a student of American history and World Religions.
Prior to having children and choosing the role of full time mothering, Laurette successfully held positions in the fields of business administration, advertising and banking.
Besides her passion for spreading the message of Liberty, some of Laurette’s interests include politics, Tae Kwon Do, Christian theology and digital scrapbooking.
Laurette currently resides in New York with her husband and family and plans a move to Oklahoma in the near future.

ANDREA RICE is the mother four young children, two of which she birthed at home and advocates for a mother’s right to choose where and how she brings her babies into the world. Andrea homeschools her children, using the Thomas Jefferson Education principles of classic leadership education.

Andrea serves as youth leader for the young women in her church, is active in local politics, serves as area host for the Thomas Jefferson Education Seminars and is pursuing the idea of bringing “Freedom Classes” to her community.

Andrea resides in Illinois with her husband and children.
AIMEE STEEL is mother of 2 children at home and step mother to 5 more, making for a very busy life. As a Personal Financial Services professional and income tax preparer, she is passionate about educating individuals how money works, a subject not taught in any traditional classroom environment. Aimee has also been active in local, state and national politics in several volunteer capacities. In her spare time, Aimee enjoys taking college classes with her husband, Walt, and cheering for her daughter’s softball team.

Aimee resides in Illinois with her husband and children.

The Mothers’ Institute Mission

The Mothers Institute is an educational and networking organization promoting methods of mothering which foster a child’s sense of individual freedom and personal responsibility. The Institute also encourages the teaching and implementation of time honored traditions including reason, logic, creativity, civility, debate and dissent.