Best Accredited Sport Psychology Programs

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The psychological aspect of sports training is soaring these days. Many sportsmen are taking help from psychologists to boost their energy and lift their spirits. Sport psychology has recently become a profession. The best athletes and sportsmen have marvelous body skills, and research has proved that the mental skills of a sportsman at this particular point are very important in deciding his success. These skills involve focus, relaxation, setting goals and ability to reduce stress. It has been noticed lately, that athletes are seeking mental exercise programs that help them to motivate themselves and focus on their goals.

Sports psychology is now a renowned profession, and the fact is evident by the increasing number of sports psychology related degrees, and certificates, that are being offered online these days. Such programs may or may not give the ideal blend of education and training to people who want to pursue their career as a sport psychologist.   

One of the programs that you can opt for to become a sport psychologist is, Specialized Training in Sports Psychology. There are numerous programs but you will rarely find a program that coaches students to become practicing sport psychologists consulted by athletes. A number of programs that offer such coaching are graduate courses. Those serious about sports psychology as a career should go for such courses.

Another degree in this field is PhD in counseling or clinical psychology along with some supplementary coaching in sports psychology. Though it’s a great way to learn a lot about every aspect of the field, but it is a long path towards the career you aspire for. Advanced Training in Exercise Science/Fitness is also a good option if you can get a supplementary degree in psychology, which will give you command over your field.

For those who are looking forward to working with athletes, a Master’s degree is the best choice. If you want to work in academics, be a researcher or want to be a first-rate consultant, then PhD is the degree for you. Once you have decided on a school to apply to, apply and wait for getting accepted. The competition is quite tough at the well reputed schools, where they need you to have some prerequisite work of your own, an undergrad degree, 3.0 GPA and 1500 or even better GRE score. Besides, they also often want the applicants to have some work experience in sports coaching, participation and other complementary work.

Before opting for a school, you should know what the school is stressing on, the academics or the emerging practitioners. For there is no set standard for a sport psychologist once he/she has graduated. It is crucial for a sport psychologist to decide if he has the ability to continue his career on his own. And above all, what he needs the most is inspiration and vision with confidence, concentration and optimism. If he has plenty of all these traits, only then will he be able to transfer them to his patrons.