Ending For The Narrative Essay

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You really need a crafted ending and let’s look at how he crafts or she crafts this he unclenched his fists and stretched out his fingers marveling at how they were shaking they ached for home and a cigarette and he let his hand drop he didn’t have long but who knew maybe another train would come maybe it wouldn’t so we get the sense of his desperation here but also that he’s resigned this final line shows us that he’s not really worried about the Train not coming he loved it to come but he also expects it not to it invites us to imagine that his future is not going to change because he is accepting of his fate I was kind of hoping that there was going to be a more dramatic end here. Find out more about narrative kind of essay at Edusson.

We could have a bit more of a sense of hopelessness which is suggested by this phrase he let his hand drop if the writer had built on that we would associate that more with despair and he didn’t have long it would be quite an ambiguous way to end but I quite like that it’s a stylistic choice but ending here would give us a sense that perhaps there’s an element of threat in where he is and if I were to rewrite this I would have included some elements of threat earlier in the paragraph especially when I was talking about the politicians it said there is a really difficult choice it would also work really well with this violent description here he unclenched his fists and stretched out his fingers so we’d then infer that he’s been preparing for violence here and has now decided not to pursue it marveling at how they were shaking could be from the cold or could be from fear he’s aching for home perhaps because he wants to get away from something rather than actually to get home and a cigarette also we would infer from that that he’s calming his nerves why isn’t he smoking now and does he want to remain hidden.

He doesn’t want the light to be revealed so just a few more clues earlier in the piece of writing might have presented him as a pursued figure who is desperate to escape and the reason that would be a properly crafted ending is that it would link us back to that first paragraph with that image of escape that we were presented with yes so the writer has set up a situation where we’re imagining this person wants to escape but that doesn’t get followed through fully during the rest of the writing and if that image had been followed through so that we did correctly infer that he’s trying to escape from something rather than just get home and that there was an element of danger in this journey then this would have been I think perfect bit of writing okay well it’s not perfect but would it get into the top band.