What Do You Know About Understanding Motivation Management?

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We all have values. We have complicated and not so complicated values that we logically derived in our minds and we value different values differently. If you have a brother, you would value him more than a total stranger. Unless your logic says other wise, like if your brother is a total nut job. This may be a complicated value, where you many have numerous variables jumble up to come up with a logical value of your brother. The point is, values are what make our subconscious, or unconscious habit, to focus on the things we value most.

We focus on what we value most at any given time, subconsciously. And the logic behind the valuing process is also done subconsciously. The question is where did this logical process come from?

All this begins when you were baby.

You may not remember your baby memories, but every single moment was a new discovery of awe and terror. And all the significant events were experienced and memorised by your subconscious. I say significant, but what it is, is the realisation of the need to protect yourself. The very first realisation, by your subconscious, of knowing you are vulnerable, you build mental defences. The problem here is that you were a baby when you defined the vulnerability, and with your baby logic you sort after and built the defences. This very first logic becomes the foundation on which your personality, character or ego is grown from. For example, Luke is a person who has to get things done the right way and cheating is wrong. This behaviour if you dig deep enough is due to, Luke not wanting others to see him as a person who doesn’t have morals. This can be dug deeper and see that Luke while very, very young had parents who were very strict in morals and passed the belief to their son. The son, who as a baby felt vulnerable if he did not have his parent’s approval, subconsciously defended himself by doing anything and everything his parents approved of. As this can be one of his logic and belief of reality and a foundation to his personality, his values drive him to focus on doing things the right way, the moral way. Luke’s subconscious will focus on things that can go against his morals and this may be more important to him than any other values.

Your behaviour, habits and actions are the results of focus, and focus is the result of values and beliefs, and values and beliefs are results of experiences and memories of significant events in your life. As all this takes place and gets installed in you when you are less the two years old, it is possible to install new understanding of the reality, and change some illogical logic, and reorder undesirable values, for you to focus to achieve motivation management.