The Pros and Cons of Getting a Degree Online

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Online degrees are often considered for busy people. Particularly, they have become popular for moms and dads who already have jobs and kids to manage, but want extra education so they can pursue a new career or dream job without leaving their family floundering. Yet online degrees are just as viable for students out of high school looking for their path into higher education and should be considered for everyone.


That mythical element you can never get back. An online schedule allows you to put in time where you have time. This allows you to more easily work a job during the day and do your classwork at later hours, to change your school hours around for your kids, or to just spend quality time with your family and friends when taking college courses would otherwise leave you estranged. Whatever time during the day you decide school happens, that is when school happens. You won’t have to bid for early or evening classes.

The appeal to busy parents or workers is obvious. For out of high schoolers, do not underestimate the need for experience even if your parents are willing to pay for your college so you don’t have to work. Getting a job, even a part time job, during your education will be a big boost for you, plus you can have some spending money. And even if you’re too lazy for a job and feel entitled to a college experience, then an online school frees up even more of your time for whatever trouble you plan to get yourself into anyway, and allows you to better choose where instead of having the limited choice of your campus. Not that I advocate getting into trouble, mind you.


Anywhere you have a computer and a connection, you can take most of your courses. This is a freedom you can’t find in other schools where you have to physically be nearby class. With online schools, you could go on a spur of the moment vacation or take an emergency road trip to see sick family members without having to sacrifice education in the process.

While I appreciate time, location proved the most surprising advantage to my own education. I didn’t have to tell relatives I couldn’t make time for them; I just up and left and took school with me. Those of you afraid of missing out on the “college experience” could theoretically replace it with traveling the country of your choice; just make sure every stop has an internet connection and you’re good to go.

Learning About Yourself

Online school requires discipline. Undoubtedly, you hear that often. Everyone stresses it isn’t easy. They’re lying. It’s as easy (or hard) as any other kind of school, but it requires you to know yourself and know how to teach yourself, and requires you to want your online degree.

Once you get out of college, that’s all you’re going to be doing anyway: teaching yourself. Learning it and practicing it along with your formal education is much easier than being dumped completely on your own after you’re handed a degree, and you’ll have those skills ready for the working world as soon as you set out into it. Even plenty of people already a part of the working world missed this lesson, and learning it can only help you.