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Sharing this real life example lays the foundation for what to talk about in paragraphs two paragraphs 3 and then we’re going to dive in and go to the last paragraph i can assume the hamburger because that question consumed me my curiosity to understand the other side of the argument and to see life from a different perspective overpowered my boundaries for something cannot be judged without first being experienced the world is a massive place full of diversity and variety and i did not want to limit myself by knowing just a part of it i wanted to try that unfamiliar hamburger to perceive the world from a new angle just as I wanted to attend public school and discover what was beyond my small earthy homeschooling community I was taught to be curious and that curiosity would not will not allow me to see life through a single lens ok .

So you notice here once again at last sentence connecting up to that first paragraph summarizing the entirety of this essay so this is just one example of an SI that I pulled from online several links to other University winning essays are posted in the comment section if you wanted to make note of those as well but things that stand out to me in this essay so I already talked to you about the vivid imagery within the first paragraph feel like you’re there you feel like you’re in that moment when he’s trying his first McDonald’s hamburger but then tying it in with his personality and who he is so he really is tapping into talking about his background so he shares that he comes from a small earthy homeschooling community and how being taught to be creative I mean to be curious is something that has permeated with him and causes him to want to try new things and to really view the world not just through a single lens but through different lenses so this is a great example of using you know what some might consider to be a very simple example to make a powerful point.

So he’s not talking about going and building a school in Africa he’s not talking about going and teaching English for a summer in South America right he’s talking about eating a hamburger and how that really represented this curious aspect of him that is very important to his identity and so really when you’re looking at what you want to talk about look think about examples you know what what real life examples can I think of that I could use to tie into this because when I read this first of all you look at the title food for thought it’s very punny really a big fan of that but reading that I automatically am thinking it’s going to be about food is this going to be about intellect you know the wheels of my brain are already turning and then starting off just look at the first two sentences starting off it feels like you’re there he draws you into that moment so I use this as an example because I think it really does show the power of words.