The Introduction For An Effective Essay

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I’m having a hard time reading this paper because a lot of the articles just don’t interest me and that’s a problem because this is a paper they make money because people want to read what they have to say now you are probably not writing for a newspaper or magazine but I bet you’re in school writing essays or you wouldn’t be looking at this particular video which is about well what is it it is the ultimate intro to what to writing essays.

A lot of you are studying for TOEFL IELTS or TOEIC or you just want to write and you want to write well in English. Well this lesson what we’re going to do is we’re going to specialize on the introduction I did another lesson. One of the five point or the five-part essay if you go back and look it’s up up on Ingvild right now and it showed you know the fact that the parts of the essay and generally went over it but then I thought you know what and I actually had a student thank you from Canada Toronto walk up to me one night said you do English lesson on essay know it yeah more so okay here we are so what I want to do is I want to help you write the ultimate intro and it give you the basics so you can do something they’ll make well.

There are four reasons for a good intro number one if you do a good intro your whole essay will be easier to write and I’ll show you why in a second or two because the introduction is like a seed you know when you have an apple the little brown thing you take the little seed drop it in the ground a tree grows okay if you do the right introduction it’ll grow the best tree make it simple for you okay another thing is with a good introduction it helps you by giving the details but you want to give to the reader right there so they know if they want to read it or not okay it also makes it easier for the reader to understand and follow right so we’ve got number one easier for you to write number two easier for the oh sorry it makes it better for the reader to follow number three it gives you order of your argument right you can say.
I’m going to say this I’m going to talk about this this and this so they know what’s going on okay and number four it gives the details you know the stories about one two three four they understand so why don’t we get to instead of just talking about it you notice I have something weird on the board today.

Ezekiel is also confused he’s going what is this it looks like a diagram for a Star Trek the engine room right top to here of the fallopian tubes did I say fallopian tubes they don’t have perspectives that would be another lesson but what we set out is the outline and what I want you to do is if you what you want to do is before you write an essay you want to write out this outline every time.